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        International Masterclass  2018       

Violin-Viola-Cello & Chamber Music


The influence of Gipsy music 

in classical & jazz music


for Viola, Violin, Cello and Chamber Music from Monday 29 October to 03 November 2018

Four years ago Journées Musicales Mondorf presented its first international strings masterclass, and now in our 2018 edition we are proud to  present a masterclass  whose theme is the influence of rom and sinti music.  We are also very excited to share with you the music festival "Au coeur des faubourgs" organized by Neimënster in collaboration with the Journées Musicales that will take place the weekend before the start of the masterclass.

Sandrine Cantoreggi, Ludwig Müller, (violin) Petra Vahle (viola and chamber music) and Manuel Fischer-Dieskau (cello) come specially to Mondorf  for a week to share and work on the various technical aspects of the instrument as well as the interpretation with young musicians of all ages and all countries. Classes take place in the brand new music school of Mondorf and accommodation possibilities are offered to participants at the "Le Paris" hotel in Mondorf.


The festival "Au coeur des faubourgs" the weekend before the Masterclass, will be held on the 26, 27 & 28 October where you will discover 4 exceptional concerts  around Sinti and Rom music and its influences in jazz and classical music.


On Friday 26/10, the soloists and guest professors of the Masterclass will take you on the roads of the music with the extraordinary expressive strength of the gypsy trio of Haydn, Gypsy of Ravel, and The Final "alla Zingara" of Brahms's No. 1 Quartet with Piano. The participants of the Masterclass will have the opportunity to discover their teachers on stage and the influence on the so-called "classical" musicians of gypsy music. A nice introduction to their masterclass week.

Saturday 27/10, Gilles Apap and the Meduoteran ensemble will make you vibrate to the rhythm of the diversity of the music of the Roma and Sinti peoples of Eastern and Southern Europe, from flamenco to sevillanas. Described by Yehudi Menuhin as ’’A true violinist of the 21st century’’, Gilles is known for his virtuosity, unique approach to music and the skill to bring joy to every concert hall. He delivers distinctive performances of the standard classical repertoire combined with genres such as jazz and folk from around the world and the result is unique programming merging the borderlines between musical styles.He teaches violin in Santa Barbara (United States). On Monday 29/10, the public as well as the musicians enrolled in the Masterclass will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop presented by Gilles Apap around the violin and its jazz and gypsy repertoire.

Sunday 28/10, The Aron Quartet will perform masterpieces of classical music influenced by gypsy folk music from Central Europe, from Haydn to Brahms. Founded in 1998 by four Viennese musicians, the Aron Quartet quickly became one of the great string quartets of its generation.

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Registration conditions

For the  registration form click here


The registration deadline is 30 September 2018, extended to the 07 October. The cello Masterclass is complete.

Your file is studied according to remaining availability.


On receipt of your completed application form and application fees of €50, your application is reviewed and we  will inform you by e-mail (within 15 days) of your admission to the Masterclass and the transfer instruction for the remaining fees and possible accommodation costs.


The management reserves the right to replace a teacher who would be in the impossibility of attending the Master class. In the event that Journées Musicales Mondorf is obliged to cancel the Master class all registration and/or accommodation fees already paid will be refunded.



The registration will only be considered upon receipt of the application fee of €50, these are not refundable except in the case of Journées Musicales Mondorf cancelling the Masterclass.


The  registration fees  and the possible accommodation costs must be paid in full before 30 September 2018, the organisers can cancel the registration if the payment is not received before this date.


Payments must be made to:

Bank transfer in Euros to the account of Journées Musicales Mondorf asbl

IBAN : LU75 0019 4555 0293 6000 -  BIC : BCEELULL


Please mention :          Masterclass date 2018 + Name of the participant


Registration fees 


Violin, Viola and Cello Masterclasses 

Registration fees €350 (including €50 application fee)

Chamber Music Masterclass in addition to an individual instrument Masterclass

Registration fees

  • In a Quartett €60 per person for three courses.

  • In a trio €80 per person for three courses.

Chamber Music Masterclass without an individual instrument Masterclass

Registration fees

  • In a Quartett €150 per person for three courses.

  • In a trio €175 per person for three courses.

Please contact us by e-mail should you wish registration fees for other types of formations (duos, quintets,...)

An additional hour of individual course : €80 per hour and per participant.

An additional hour for a chamber music course: €80 per hour and per formation.

A 10% discount is offered to members of the same family for more than two registrations.


Registration fees for individual courses and chamber music courses include


  • Individual classes with one or more teachers who work closely together on the different technical and musical rendering aspects of the violin, viola or cello.

  • The Gipsy-Jazz Violin Workshop with Gilles Apap, Monday 29 October from 10:00 to 13:00.

  • Rehearsals with a professional pianist.

  • Preparation and participation in the audition and/or end of Master class concerts.

  • Use of the rehearsal classrooms in the Mondorf-les-Bains Music School between 9:00 and 19:00 

  • Yoga classes

  • Free access to the courses of other participants as an auditor.

  • Free entrance to the concerts of the Teachers 26 October and to the final concert of 03 November.

  • Lunches from 29 October to 03 November.


Journées Musical Mondorf offers accommodation possibilities at the Hôtel Le Paris in Mondorf-les-Bains in a bedroom for 2, including breakfast,  from 28 October to 04 November that is 7 nights for €300.


Reservation before 30 September 2018

Young people under 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Masterclass Schedule

From Monday 29 October to Friday 02 November with a lunch break, at the Music School of Mondorf-les-Bains -  2 rue de l'église, L-5671 Altwies.

Saturday 03 November rehearsal for the final concert and presentation of certificates at 16:00, Salle des Fêtes de la Commune de Mondorf-les-Bains- 1 PLace des Villes Jumelées, L-5627 Mondorf-les-Bains.


The Ministry of Culture of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg grants 7 scholarships of € 350 each to the participants of the International String Masterclass Journées Musicales Mondorf.

The application for the scholarship must be made using the application form click here and be sent by e-mail to before the 30/09/2018.

You will be informed if you have been granted the scholarship before October 10 2018 by e-mail.

The amount of the scholarship will be paid into the beneficiary's bank account on November 12, 2018 subject to the participation of the beneficiary to the Journées Musicales Mondorf Masterclass from 29/10 to 03/11 2018.

Registration Conditions & Fees 
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